About Us

Click to view a larger version of this imageMalou Rennert and Heidi Lathrop are Co-Founders of Special Occasions of Great Falls. Their friends have been telling them for decades that they need to start a catering/ party business. A predestined meeting brought them together in 2016. They realized, while their skills were great alone, together they were even better! They each have areas of strength to complement the other, but both possess the drive toward perfection. This partnership is a match made in heaven!

Combined they have each spent the past 25+ years supporting their husbands’ careers, raising families, serving on PTAs and Board of Directors, creating and running events for non-profits, and hosting all sorts of enviable parties. Their passion is handcrafting original accents to a party that cannot be purchased anywhere. They have an eye for style and detail that is crucially important when creating a memorable event.

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